A Strong Step-couple Can Withstand Anything!

We don't learn basic healthy relationship skills at school, in movies, or usually from our parents (unless we're really lucky!).

With the divorce rate for second marriages at 70% these days, It is SO important for step-couples to put the work and effort into their marriages. So they can be happy, enjoy each other, and also withstand external stressors that blended families so often face! 

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This is what I truly believe: 

That if we are going to be in the relationships we are in, we may as well do the work to make sure we are enjoying ourselves!!! 

In my mind, I'm like either I do the work to make sure this thing is healthy, strong, and fun, or I get the heck out!!! Know what I mean??? 

Relationships take work. 

We know this. 

Add in kids and an unpredictable EX? You bet it's going to take some guidance, energy and effort!!! 

The #1 thing experts say when it comes to building a healthy step-couple foundation for a blended family is GET SUPPORT! 

This workbook is an easy, accessible way for you to do just that! So seriously, what's stopping you??? 

Get yours now and tell your friends! I put together all the best relationship material I've gathered over the years of my own couples counseling experience & research. I got obsessive about this for a while, because I did not have an example from my family to look up to and I had no idea what the heck I was doing. 

I knew the kids would be the most negatively impacted if we didn't get to work. How did I know that? Because I see them as adults in my therapy office. 

The Step-couple Success Workbook is a GREAT place to work from, building on the skills and tools mentioned in the book will help you be happy in your relationship and a great example for your kids. 

If you know you'll want to talk about the workbook once you and your significant other have completed it, OR you know you want more individualized attention to see what YOU can do to improve your relationship, I'm also offering a discounted 30-minute session for you and/or your significant other. 

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Can't wait to support you however you choose!!!