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neThe Step-mom Strong Podcast is here for YOU to get all the best tips, tricks, support and Step-mom "hacks" to make your experience in your blended family more smooth, filled with grace, ease and joy. 

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PODCAST EPISODES (apologies for out of order!)

EP 001: Success as a Step Couple - Bob and Lori Hollander


My interview with Bob & Lori Hollander from "Relationships Work" These two bring fun, reality, and years of personal and professional knowledge and experience to the conversation about the fundamentals of relationship health and particularly how it applies to a step-couple. I LOVE their “good enough” approach - that it’s not about being perfect,that EVERY couple fights and has their hiccups, and the important piece is how we re-connect afterwards. My favorite tip from the interview: asking “Help me understand” rather than jumping to accusations, assumptions and blame. This is a GREAT tip for Step-moms when it comes to their step-kids especially, where “seek to understand” can be a super helpful motto. I also love hearing the male perspective of what men’s needs are, the insecurity that often drives their behavior and can be misinterpreted!  Find more information about Lori & Bob at: Check it out!


EP003: Avital Shreiber- the power of play & handling parenting challenges with more ease


Avital is a "Childhood Designer & Mindful Parenting Coach" and this episode gets to how Stepmoms can transform the experience of their home for their stepkids. She gives great advice on the balancing act of having two homes, screen time dynamics, and more! She is such an inspiring and refreshing voice for parents everywhere! Find more information about her at:

and Listen to my interview with her by clicking the link below! 


EP002: Dr. Sue Johnson of Emotion Focused Couples Therapy


Dr. Sue Johnson who founded “Emotion-focused therapy” and wrote the best-selling book on couples therapy, “Hold me Tight” talks about balancing the needs of each member of a blended family, and how step-couples can be support themselves and each other to be successful. 70% of second marriages when kids are involved, end in divorce, and Dr. Johnson talks about where they often go wrong, and how to prevent this. We hear bout HOW important it is to put time, intention and energy into the step-couple relationship no matter hwat, and what specifically you can do to make sure you’re on the same page. Her website is: where you can watch videos of her and where to buy her book! 


EP005: Stepmotherhood as a Path to Enlightenment w/ Dr. Laura Markham


I swear this woman is enlightened. In this episode she talks about the importance of self-compassion and how that is the most important work of parenthood. She talks about why step-kids can be more triggering than biological kids and what you can do about that! This episode is so powerful, it will blow your mind if you are open to it! to find all resources from Dr. Laura Markham! Enjoy!


Ep. 006: Peace No Matter what regardless of bio-mom drama with Anna DeAcosta


How to be at peace with the ex, the kids, the whole crazy sha-bang! In this re-release of the "Empowering Step-moms" interview with Anna DeAcosta, Mindful Step-mom Coach, you'll get her wisdom and insight into how she created a dream life with the love of her life in spite of it all! 

Find her resources and more info about her services at:


Ep. 007: The "NachoKids" Method with Lori & David Sims


David and Lori are incrediblepeople, and hearing about their journey from near disaster to truly thriving as a blended family through adopting the motto "nachokids" is truly inspiring and just what the doctor ordered for some Step-mamas who are feeling way in over their head! 

I'm actually an affiliate for their NachoKids Academy program which I keep hearing from Step-moms how incredibly helpful it has been for them! 

Click here to find out more about the amazing way they are saving blended families everywhere!


Ep. 008: Why It's SO important to put effort into your step-couple!


The Step-couple is truly the FOUNDATION of the blended family. If you and your significant other can get on the same page, EVERYTHING is going to be so much easier! In this episode I talk about the importance of putting energy, effort and intention into your relationship and how most of us don't learn healthy relationship skills or have good examples! 

I talk about the new step-couple workbook I recently created and why it's a great place to start to get on the same page with your significant other!  

See the resources page on this website to check it out and purchase your copy! 

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Ep. 009: What do you want your step-kids to say about you in 20 years? with Ellie Knaus


Ellie Knaus is the host of the incredible podcast about motherhood and its challenges (find it here!) It is seriously one of my FAVORITE podcasts I can't recommend it enough! It's both informative and entertaining! I just knew I wanted to interview Ellie and was so excited when she agreed! she talks about her experience having 2 moms and what each brought to her. It highlights the importance of really thinking of our role in Step-motherhood as a long-game! 

Again, Her website is:


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Episode 010: Part 1 Keeping Sane during the Holidays!


Top ten tips for Self-care during the busy holiday season! 

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Episode 011: Why Three's a Crowd


Erin Careless gives us the scholarly perspective on why Stepmotherhood brings up so much for so many. She talks about women's roles historically, how they've changed and how this role sheds light on whats expected of women in general. It blew my mind and I'm sure it will blow yours, too! 

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