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The Step-mom Strong Podcast is here for YOU to get all the best tips, tricks, support and Step-mom "hacks" to make your experience in your blended family more smooth, filled with grace, ease and joy. 

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EP 001: Success as a Step Couple - Bob and Lori Hollander

My interview with Bob & Lori Hollander from "Relationships Work" These two bring fun, reality, and years of personal and professional knowledge and experience to the conversation about the fundamentals of relationship health and particularly how it applies to a step-couple. I LOVE their “good enough” approach - that it’s not about being perfect,that EVERY couple fights and has their hiccups, and the important piece is how we re-connect afterwards. My favorite tip from the interview: asking “Help me understand” rather than jumping to accusations, assumptions and blame. This is a GREAT tip for Step-moms when it comes to their step-kids especially, where “seek to understand” can be a super helpful motto. I also love hearing the male perspective of what men’s needs are, the insecurity that often drives their behavior and can be misinterpreted! Check it out!


EP002: Avital Shreiber- the power of play & handling parenting challenges with more ease

Avital is a "Childhood Designer & Mindful Parenting Coach" and this episode gets to how Stepmoms can transform the experience of their home for their stepkids. She gives great advice on the balancing act of having two homes, screen time dynamics, and more! 


EP003: Dr. Sue Johnson of Emotion Focused Couples Therapy

Dr. Sue Johnson who founded “Emotion-focused therapy” and wrote the best-selling book on couples therapy, “Hold me Tight” talks about balancing the needs of each member of a blended family, and how step-couples can be support themselves and each other to be successful. 70% of second marriages when kids are involved, end in divorce, and Dr. Johnson talks about where they often go wrong, and how to prevent this. We hear bout HOW important it is to put time, intention and energy into the step-couple relationship no matter hwat, and what specifically you can do to make sure you’re on the same page. Her website is: where you can watch videos of her and where to buy her book! 


EP004: Stepmotherhood as a Path to Enlightenment

Use your challenges as growth opportunities! Listen to one of the most influential people in my parenting journey Dr. Laura Markham, Peaceful Parenting expert, talk about the unique challenges that come up in parenthood and how they can really grow us as people.