Who am I?

When I became a Step-mom, with a Master's in Counseling and a TON of personal growth work under my belt, I was completely stumped at how freaking challenging and complicated this role was!  I went through a whole lot  of trials, tribulations and triumphs as a Step-mom, the most challenging position I have ever found myself in! 

I have grown so passionate about this work because I know how challenging it can be, how damaging to ones relationship, to ones happiness and well-being when they are caught up in the complex dynamics of blended family life. And I KNOW now that it doesn't have to be a daily struggle. Yes, it will always be complicated, YES, things don't always go your way, AND it is possible to bring grace, joy, empowerment, clarity, and freedom into your experience with helpful guidance and support! 

I come at personal growth and healing with a holistic perspective, and I truly believe there's no one right way for everyone. What I hope to guide people through is processes and giving them tools so that they can come up with what works best for them and their families. 

I have coaching certifications including: Step-family Coach, Holistic Health Coach, and I'm also Yoga Teacher Trained at the 200hr. level. I have a TON of tools and personal growth experience, all of which plays a part in how I support Step-moms to thrive and bring grace and ease into their roles!