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 Is the confusion, stress, and strain of being a Step-mom affecting your well-being and your connection with your partner? As a trained professional therapist, and certified Step-mom Coach, I am dedicated to providing you with valuable tools so that you can:


  • Nurture your relationship with your significant other 

  • Build your resilience to stress

  • Set yourself up for success with your step-kids


  • Are dedicated to your blended family and want to find ways of handling it with less stress and more ease

  • You are into personal growth and bettering yourself, using your challenges as opportunities and you want guidance from someone with professional and personal experience.

  • You are ready to make some changes and take responsibility for the negativity you are experiencing!

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The Podcast is here!!!

I'm Soooo Excited to announce the release of the Step-mom Strong Podcast!!!! Click here to find out more and where you can listen in! 

What People Are Saying

 Being a young new stepmom, StepMom Stronger community has been a life changer! I love that a group of woman can come together and provide support, feedback, and love to one another. Nathalie is always providing professional and personal feedback that has helped me so much! - Hannah, Step-mom of 7 year old boy

THANK YOU SO MUCH for what you do Nathalie! I don't know what I would do without your guidance and the support of the group! It has been a complete game-changer for not only me but my family as well! 

- Anna, Bio-mom of 2 and Step-mom to 2

It's like you're in my house! How do you know so well what's going on and understand my challenges so well? Your brainstorming and solutions are incredibly helpful. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! 

-Sara, Step-mom to 15 year old boy and 13 year old girl

I wish I'd found you earlier! This group has given me so much useful information. Thank you! 

-Heather, Step-mom to 3 and bio mom to 2